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You know bios are odd things. People think they need them and people love reading them. Well…. Their own bio at least! I was born in 1900 in the back of a westbound covered wagon. My mom and dad were rejects from the circus, and my brother and sister resented me because I was an only child. In the early years, I tried so hard to fit in with my stuffed animals, I got used to people not talking back to me (the perfect training for radio). I wanted to be a symphony conductor (you knew the guy with his back to the audience and holding the stick), but apparently you have to know all about music. At this point I asked if I had any rich relatives who might die and make me rich?   … nope. As in my last bio most of you have stopped reading by now (I have) but if you still are, I have a secret word for you again, and the first person who calls me at (860) 423-9898 on the Breakfast Club just after 7:30 any weekday morning and says “ a Dingo ate my baby”  gets a dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts- bet you never won anything from reading a guy’s bio before! Ok, so to close over 30 years on the radio, 10 weddings on the air, several lawsuits, outstanding warrants, and still going strong! Thank you for reading now call for the donuts – Hurry!