Hey there!

My name is Mitch Rossitto! So excited to be doing nights here on i98.3, Monday through Friday 6pm-midnight! This station is one of the most live and local I have ever worked for and the music and people are the best! Love the homey feeling of Eastern Connecticut!

Thursday and Friday nights, I host JAM NIGHT on the air. Throwback requests from your favorite hip-hop, R&B, rap, and pop artists of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Get you requests in right here on the website, or call them in and we’ll have you on the air!!

Outside of radio, I love to run, be creative, watch movies, TV, spend time with family and friends, watch Patriots games, and play golf when I can find the time! Interesting fact about me is I am an embalmer/funeral director in training. I know, way different than spending time with you on the radio. I’d rather hang out with you here than in my morgue. MUHAHAHA! Find me at events, let’s chat!